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Charbron Amaryllis

Barnsley Piquet X Stardust Lucy

Bought in 2009 from M. Brown,  Amaryllis was purchase for length and all round conformation. She has turned out to be one of the most consistent breeding females of the herd so far. Producing two top class females by the infamous Tydu Victor.

Gwastod Ffion – Sire: Tydu Victo
Gwastod Gwawr – Sire: Tydu Victor

Gwastod Harmony - Sire: Tydu Victor


Charbron Vivid


Barnlesy Piquet X Charbron Starlette

Purchased Privately from M.Brown, Vivid is big cow with tremendous milking qualities. By Barnlsey Piquet, Vivid was purchased after greatly admiring her progeny which have sold exceptionally well through society sales (Charbron Dashing ,4000gns WLS). Vivid being one of the most dominant cows in the herd shows correctness in both stature and top line.

Gwastod Generator – Sire: Elgin Columbo (Genus)

Gwastod Hetty - Sire: Tydu Victor


Maerdy Bent

Maerdy Padirac X Maerdy Restaurant

Purchased in Stirling from the noted Maerdy Herd, by Esmor Evans, Flint. Bent was secured at the Maerdy Special reduction sale, September 2011. She came back to the Gwastod herd with her heifer calf at foot, Maerdy Gala, who is out of the 2011 Magny Cours Champion, Begonia. Bent’s first calf sold at Society Sale in 2011 for  4300gns (Maerdy Bentham WLS). Bent was also purchase in calf to Vald’or-ra, who has bred bulls up to 28,000gns (Maerdy Championlad, UA), 15,000gns (Maerdy Deiniol,H&H), 7,000 gns (Maerdy Calcium, H&H).

Maerdy Gala – Sire: Begonia (Magny Cours Champion 2011)

Gwastod Hypothesy - Sire: Vald or-ra - Sire of Maerdy Dynamite - Best Bred bull at Maerdy.Vald'or-ra bred Maerdy Championlad, sold Perth February 2009 for 28,000gns.


Maerdy Enlli

Maerdy Padirac X Maerdy Silk

Purchased at the Maerdy Special Reduction Sale in September 2011. Enlli is backed with a tremendous bloodline. Her dam is a very good Rosanna Magic daughter and her grand dam is a half sister to Maerdy Empress, Esmors famous show cow.


Moelfre Alwyna



Edenhurst Shogun X Moelfre Tonwen

Purchased Privately from Mr K. Thomas, Capel Iwan. Alwyna was secured with a bull calf at foot, Moelfre Elgar by Gretnahouse Vigerous, a noted easy calver, She was also in calf to the Moelfre Herd’s newly acquired Newhouse Chicago (9000gns UA). Alwyna’s Dam, Tonwen has an exceptional Pedigree  going back to Blelack Ladys man G.S with earlier bloodlines going back to Sires, Tatten Hall Impeccable, Maerdy Victorious and the highest EBV bull in the Breed, Fleets Vibrant. On the Dam side Alwyna goes back to the great Coat Iris who was noted for size, style and was the mother of the famous Maerdy Victorious , a half brother of the 56,000gns Maerdy Director.

Alwyna and her Newhouse Chicago calf, Gwastod Fflur were successfully shown at the Royal Welsh Show 2011 where she won her cow and calf class, and later on went to take the Overall Female Championship and became Reserve to the Champion.

Gwastod Fflur –Sire: Newhouse Chicago 9,000gns
Gwastod Gwenno – Sire: Sportsmans Columbo 55,000gns


Moelfre Faith


Inverlochy Verne X Moelfre Sonia

Secured from the Moelfre Herd, Faith was deemed a two year old show stopper, being an extremely correct heifer. It was decided not to show her and we put her in-calf to Tydu Victor. She lately calved down a heifer calf who shows the exact characteristics as her mother, one to look out for. Faith goes back to Killadeas Jack on the mother's side and has proven to have lots of milk.

Thrunton Eilish


Newhouse Bigal X Thrunton Ballerina

Purchased for her size and docility, Eilish Is by the 22,000gns Newhouse Bigal and has a tremendous back pedigree going back to cornerstone bulls such as Maerdy Restful and Mowbraypark Orlando. She has turned out to be very milky and has produced and outstanding calf.

Thrunton Elise

Burradon Talisman X Thrunton Treasure

An extremely long heifer going back to Moncur General and Newthrums Regal on the Dam Side. Elise was purchased for her type and conformation. She successfully calved down to the 22,000 gns Newhouse Bigal and has proven to be a very milky cow. Sired by the Uk's highest grossing sire, Burradon Talisman, Elise also has a deep, well-bred pedigree on the mothers side, Thrunton Treasure.

Thrunton Euphoria

Newhouse Bigal X Thrunton Venture

Euphoria was again Purchased Privately in the Spring 2012 from Thrunton. As an In- calf heifer (to Kelton Trident 13,000gns) going back to the 22,000gns Newhouse Bigal, Euphoria's dam lines go back to Mowbraypark Orlando and Burradon Talisman. Purchased for her sheer size and presence, going by her breeding, Euphoria should produce some cracking calves.

Thrunton Faith

Newhouse Bigal X Thrunton Uanna

Faith was Purchased Privately in the Spring 2012, from the Campbells famous Thrunton herd. Having greatly admired Faith's Grand Dam – Thrunton Rachel, for her consistency and size, Rachel has proven to be one of the Thrunton foundation cows. Faith certainly possess the same quality's as Rachel, an extremely stylish heifer, very correct and powerful. She goes back to the 22,000gns Newhouse Bigal, and is currently in –calf to the New Thrunton Stock Sire Ugie Euros (10,000gns).

Ugie Eunice

On the 8th of this month, the dispersal of Jimmy an Betty Wilsons Ugie Herd based in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire took place at UA Stirling. I was fortunate to secure an in-calf heifer Ugie Eunice.


Eunice TI +36 SRI +36, by Goldies Banker (ET) who later in the sale went on to make 12,500gns to Harestone herd, was purchased In-calf to Goldies Elation - +58, SRI +54, another stock bull, this time by Dingle Hofmeister and out of Blelack Ripple, which sold at 10,000gns. Eunice's mother was also sold at the sale, Ugie Algie, who went to Glenlivet at 5,500gns.

Wesley Valley


Maerdy Rock X Weasley Serena

Valley was purchased at the Wesley Herd Dispersal Sale 2011. The biggest cow in the Gwastod herd, Valley currently weighs in at 1,300 kgs. She was purchased In-Calf to the top 1% Breedplan Bull Chunal Dougie and is due to Calve mid Summer. As a heifer Valley had a successful show career and has been all over competing at the Royal Welsh,Royal Highland and Royal England. Valley’s Son, Drake was sold at Carlisle 2009 for 5,000gns. Her last son, Wesley Evolution was sold as a young bull at the dispersal for 3,500gns. Her latest heifer calf, Weasley Fieldfare also sold at the dispersal for 3,500gns to the Sarkley herd. Valley is a powerhouse cow with a horizon top line, after seeing her progeny at the sale, it was no option but to buy her. She currently stands proud at Gwastod and her attributes will hopefully set a keystone for the herd.




Winnington Swift

Mowbray park Invincible X Winnington Neige

Purchased Privately from Neil Vance, Upper Gimmer Farm. By the tremendous Mowbray park Invincible, Swift was purchased for her length , width and docility. At foot at time of purchase was her bull calf Winnington Domino, by th Magny Cours class Winner (Genus ABS) Suzeringie. A stylish, well conformed calf by one of the best known pedigree bulls in France, Empereur RVS. Domino has turned out to be an excellent commercial bull, very dosile and easy calving.


Gwastod Gwyn: Sire- Tydu Victor

Gwastod Hillfigure: Sire- Tydu Victor